How to Root the M865 Ascend II

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  • 2 - connect your phone via usb (or use an sd card adapter). In your pull down menu, hit mount (or connect) to usb
  • 3 - choose the correct drive that your phone is connected to (make sure that you can see your camera folder etc.)
  • 4 - don not unzip the zip file you have just downloaded, place the entire zip on the main "menu" (root) of your sd card.
  • 5 - disconnect your usb cable and wait for your phone to finish preparing sd card. (you'll see that in your notification bar)
  • 6 - power your phone off.
  • 7 - hold volume up and push and hold power until your phone boots into recovery. (about 5-10 seconds)
  • 8 - using your volume buttons, scroll to update from sd card and press power to select.
  • 9 - scroll to the "update zip" that you placed in your sd card and select.
  • 10 - reboot and tadaa! Your rooted enjoy!
  • 11 - download rom manager and run fix permissions. I was getting force closes and this took care if it.


PamCantu, PlayfulGod

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