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This clockworkmod recovery was built following koush's guide..

This has been tested and is working fully and has been submitted to koush and is awaiting to be merged to ROM Manager.

  • Author: PlayfulGod
  • Current Version: Awaiting to be merged by koush
  • Description: ClockWorkMod Recovery for the Huawei Ascend II M865

People to thank

  • Koush - for his kickass recovery, guide, and help.
  • isaacj87 - for his continued support and assistance.
  • jhutchh - for testing and providing needed feedback and info for the A2.
  • Tilbert - for testing, providing feedback from cmds ran on the A2, and needed info.
  • johnplaydrums - testing, feedback, and and providing needed info.
  • Duck - testing and feedback.

Instructions for fastboot method

  • Boot your phone into fastboot - (VOL- DOWN, POWER, Hold for 10 seconds)
  • connect phone to computer via USB
  • navigate to the recovery dir you downloaded and unzipped
  • Run the install script for your OS (windows, linux, or mac)

On windows you should see a cmd prompt window flash up and disappear within a few seconds if install completed. If it just hangs there waiting on device, you need to check the drivers for your phone and possibly reinstall them.

Instructions for terminal method

  • Open terminal emulator
  • Type the following command
flash_image recovery recovery.img

NOTE: If you get an error about flash_image not being installed, download the file and follow the guide linked in the download section of this page.


md5sum: eed08c0eade93b7639180e76896e14dc
md5sum: ed9b2d3d6bdb469b72304afdb0ad1649
md5sum: a4ae52c33059642df0b7601cd6dcad27



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